The Basics Of Requeening A Hive

The Basics Of Requeening A Hive

Does the thought of requeening a hive make you nervous? Don’t let that happen. It is beneficial to your hive and, as a result, beneficial to you as a beekeeper. Stay with us if you’re not sure what requeening a hive is or how to requeen a hive. I have a wealth of information to assist you in the process.

What Is Requeening and How Does It Work?

The act of requeening a hive is very vital and should be done every one to two years. There are numerous advantages for both the hive and, in the end, you. Many people, on the other hand, avoid requeening a beehive because they are afraid of the process and the cost. The cost of raising your own queens can be avoided if you chose to do so.

When a beekeeper ‘disposes’ of a previous queen and replaces her with a new one, this is known as requeening.

How would you go about achieving this, though? The procedure isn’t nearly as complicated as it appears. Direct and indirect requeening are both options.

The less preferred option is direct requeening. The bees will frequently murder the new queen if she is released into the colony. They haven’t met her yet, and you risk them mistaking her for a swarm threat.

It’s a better idea to introduce the new queen to the hive indirectly.

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